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Start-up Support Services

Helping manufacturing start-ups to grow

Our experienced teams of SME experts are here to help you transform your manufacturing business and grow your bottom line.

Support services for manufacturing start-ups and entrepreneurs – HVMC (

When you’re starting a manufacturing business, it’s often hard to know how to grow quickly. With the increasing cost of energy and materials, you might only see the barriers to manufacturing success.

Investments in your production, in new products and markets, and in the skills of your workforce are key to growth. But these investments can feel like a big risk.

We’re here to help.



The HVM Catapult works with thousands of companies each year to boost the UK’s manufacturing performance.
We’re helping to move cutting-edge research from the UK’s world-leading universities into the commercial market, supporting companies to transform the products they sell, the way they make them and the skills of their workforce.