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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Do you want to grow your company, explore and develop new strategic and commercial avenues but need additional skills, time and knowledge? Knowledge Transfer Partnerships introduce you to the right knowledge and expertise. Click the boxes below to find out more about how KTP’s can help your business.

Knowledge Exchange Funding Opportunities | University of Suffolk (

It is a collaboration between three partners: a University Academic (the Knowledge Base Partner), a recent graduate or post-graduate (the Associate) and the company. The three partners work together to reach the objectives of a specific business project which is delivered by the Associate being based at your business. The KTP applications are structured into themed calls to enable you to plan your application and when the project will fit best into your business.

KTPs can come from any sector or industry – from technology and the creative industries through to environmental technologies. With the help of a dedicated KTP adviser, you can find the right academic to suit your business. You can then shape a collaborative project that will enable your business to draw on this expertise and apply it commercially.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is a UK-wide programme, funded by Innovate UK. It helps businesses to improve innovation, competitiveness and productivity through better use of the knowledge, technology and skills available within universities and other parts of the UK knowledge base.


The University of Suffolk is all about transformation — transforming individuals, our community, our region and beyond. Education, training and research are powerful tools to support transformation and change; we believe that by facilitating the development of skills, knowledge and behaviours, we will enable our students, our community and our region to be enriched, enhanced and impacted socially, culturally and economically.

We are committed to putting students at the centre of our thinking, and the strong partnership between students and staff at the University is central to our ambitions. In a rapidly changing world, we have created a stable and supportive community where our students experience the highest quality in teaching, learning and social environments. Scholarships and high-impact research are ingrained within the institution, and we offer our students a transformational experience to prepare them for their future.