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Inngot – Adding value to your intellectual property | Intellectual property services

Our custom IP valuation reports include an in-depth assessment of your IP and intangibles, quantifying their value in your current and future markets.

Discover the value of your hidden assets

What makes your business tick and drive its market value?
Custom IP valuations start by understanding the context for your requirement (in particular, whether there is a particular type of transaction you wish to facilitate). This provides us with the background needed to propose the most appropriate methodologies and confirm our information requirements.

The next phase involves getting a deep understanding of your IP portfolio and setting it in a market context. Depending on your needs and your intangible assets’ characteristics, this may include landscaping studies, specific prior art searches, analysis of business intelligence reports to understand market trends, and specialist licensing database queries.


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Inngot provides unique online tools which enable any organisation to define and value its intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets, which are known to account for around three-quarters of the value of companies whose shares are publicly traded. However these key assets are generally absent from company balance sheets. Often, it is unclear what all the relevant assets are, let alone what they may be worth.